Hop Secret Brewing Company, LLC (HSBC) was launched, formally, in September 2015 when owner/brewer, Gary Gates, signed a warehouse lease in Monrovia, CA. 

The concept had, of course, been brewing (haha) in the owner's mind for, at least, a year prior to the lease signing. Gary spent approximately 25 years in financial-related functions, in both the public and private sectors. The thought of doing something different was both appealing and terrifying...but the appealing forces won, and Gary retired in September 2015 where he finished his career, after 18 years, with the City of Pasadena Fire Department as their Financial Officer.

Gary had been home brewing since the '90s where he always had a bathtub full of 12 oz. bottles sanitizing. As the craft-draught industry began to grow, it became obvious that one could buy a kegerator and obtain great draught beers and not be slave to sanitizing bottles all the time. Gary purchased a KegMaster2 with three spouts in the tower and began buying draught beers from early pioneers.

Some time in 2014, Gary recognized that it would be necessary to begin home-brewing once again, in earnest, to prepare for the big league. Gary purchased a 5-gallon gravity system and began home brewing once again. The finished product was, this time, served directly from sixth-barrel kegs.

Gary's idea was two-fold: Don't compete directly with the larger craft breweries (there were already too many, and they were all too good); and offer a cool atmosphere where good beer can be celebrated, discussed and enjoyed a mere 25 feet from where it is produced. What is a "cool atmosphere"? Well, hopefully the brewery and tasting room are visually appealing to one's eye; interesting art created by local artists and the biggest and greatest selection of music that a subscription music-service can provide.  Those features surrounded, first-and-foremost, by great beers will hopefully attract locals from the entire San Gabriel Valley...and beyond.

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