Dark color and served on Nitro only. Creamy feel, hints of coffee, chocolate and biscuit.
6.4% A.B.V.   30 I.B.U.
Black OPS coffee Stout
Light color, German-style flavor, good mouth-feel with a low hop presence. Clean, crisp and easy drinking.
5.0% A.B.V.   27 I.B.U.
Close Talker Lager
Copper color, great aroma with hoppy flavor and a high A.B.V. with balance. Agent IPA's big bro.
8.8% A.B.V.   80 I.B.U
Double Agent DIPA
Light copper color, heavy hop presence but balanced perfectly, with nice bitter DIPS kick. 
8.1% A.B.V.   75 I.B.U.
Deep Space DIPA
Agent 001 IPA
Crisp and clean mouthfeel with a piney hop presence and mild bitterness.
6.8% A.B.V.   55 I.B.U.
Copper color, citrus forward, great mouth feel  without a lingering bitterness.
6.5% A.B.V.   70 I.B.U.
Agent 002 IPA
Amber in color,  hoppy flavor with medium bitterness and a nice malty finish.
5.3% A.B.V.   40  I.B.U.
Password Pale Ale
Provacateur Porter
Black color, malt-forward with big mouth-feel, yet NOT sweet.
5.1% A.B.V.   30 I.B.U.