German Style Helles Lager with a Mexican twist. We start with the traditional German malts and Noble hops, but use a house blend of German and Mexican Lager yeast. The result is a light golden beer with full malt body, yet crisp with a quick finish.
5.1% A.B.V.   27 I.B.U.
Close Talker Lager
This tradtional unfiltered Belgian style wit has a medium haze with a straw colored hue. Additions of orange and corriander help to accentuate the slight banana and clove spice flavors.
6.6% A.B.V.   16 I.B.U.
Belgian Style Wit
Copper color, great aroma with hoppy flavor and a high A.B.V. with balance. Agent IPA's big bro.
8.5% A.B.V.   80 I.B.U
Double Agent DIPA
Light copper color, heavy hop presence but balanced perfectly, with nice bitter DIPS kick. 
8.1% A.B.V.   75 I.B.U.
Deep Space DIPA
Agent 001 IPA
A west coast IPA that is lightly-colored, piney in hop profile and only mildly bitter. A crisp, clean hop presence can be noted with a smooth, quick finish with no lingering bitterness.
6.5% A.B.V.   55 I.B.U.
A west coast IPA with an amber gemstone color (imagine driving west-bound on the Ventura freeway at sunset) and very crisp. A hop profile that produces a forward citrus flavor with minimal bitterness provides amazing flavor that finishes quickly without lingering bitterness.
6.5% A.B.V.   38 I.B.U.
Agent 002 IPA
A west coast take on the hazy IPA style. An opaque color that lends itself to "juice, citrus, and pineapple" which gives way to a clean, crisp beer which leaves you chasing the next sip.
6.5% A.B.V.   38  I.B.U.
Hard Target Hazy
Safehouse Stout
Black color, malt-forward with big mouth-feel, yet NOT sweet.
7.4% A.B.V.   30 I.B.U.
Pandemic Pale
A dry English Pale Ale, brilliant amber in color, with slight hints of butterscotch on the nose. Immediately bright on the tongue, followed by a malty, caramel finish.
5.5% A.B.V.   33 I.B.U.